Stock recommendation

I recommend that you invest in any company that makes copy paper.  That’s right.  I see that stock zooming through the roof based on our usage!

This weekend, Piero went into a drawing frenzy and wiped out more than an inch of paper from our ream.  Most of this was even drawn on both sides.  He had almost an inch of paper used up when we realized what was happening and put our foot down on getting more paper until he drew on the other side.  A little meltdown happened over that.  Luckily, Papa was in bed and he only had me to deal with.  I simply left him in the living room screaming and crying.  Eventually, he quit his crying jag and starting drawing on the other side.  Ahh…. the joys of parenthood.

So we have a pile of SpongeBob and on the other side? SpongeBob dressed as different superheros like Batman and Robin, Superman and IronMan.  It is really cute.  And we have a pile of cat pictures for me.  On the other side is Kylie’s scribble.  And then there is a huge pile of dinosaur pictures including pictures that comprise several stories about dinosaurs and volcanoes and this boy called Alex who went back in time to see the dinosaurs.  He truly is creative.   And the last pile is picture after picture of Spiderman.  Some of these he drew and others we drew and he coloured them in and added scenery.

And what do we do with a pile of cute pictures?  I have absolutely no idea.  The front of our fridge is full up.  I am thinking of going to IKEA or some other place to buy strings of clips that you can put photos on.  I am hoping that we could use those to string up his pictures in our hallway.   Any idea on where I buy some?


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