Lactose intolerant? Allergy?

I have stopped eating yogurt a couple of times in the past because I felt like it was giving me intestinal problems.  I have now stopped eating yogurt permanently about 6 months ago or longer.  When I stopped eating yogurt,  I basically stopped getting stomach cramps and diarrhea.  I then switched to cottage cheese thinking it was just the culture in yogurt.  I was ok with that for a while and then decided that I was having the same problem and quit eating cottage cheese a couple of weeks ago.  Stomach cramps have disappeared.  This week, I caved and ate yogurt one morning.  Next morning…. diarrhea (I know TMI).  I seem to be ok drinking skim milk and eating cheese. 

So… could I be lactose intolerant?  Allergic to something?

It is a shame because I love both yogurt and cottage cheese and now I can’t seem to eat either.


One response to “Lactose intolerant? Allergy?

  1. You should call your mother. She has been going through the same problems for months and and tests with the Doctor.
    They have come to the same conclusion.
    I believe your brother had this problem when he was a baby.

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