Crunch….. WAAAAH

It wasn’t exactly a crunch.  In fact, it didn’t really sound like anything until her fingers were out of the way and she started screaming in pain.

I was folding up the couch.  I knew that Kylie was standing next to it but I didn’t know she was trying to help.  I started to fold the bed into the couch itself.  I saw her move like she saw something under the couch.  Oh no… was one of the cats under there?  A toy?  I quickly put the bed back on the floor.  The reason why she moved towards the couch was because I had her hand caught in the mechanism.  As soon as I let go,  she started wailing.  My could literally feel my stomach drop to the floor.  Or was it rising to my throat?  It all happened so fast that I don’t remember any more.

One finger was pinched and cut but that was all.  She couldn’t move it and she didn’t want to move her entire hand.  Eduardo was worried that we have broken something.  I was sure we hadn’t because I could move her hand manually.  I remember when Billie broke her leg.  It flopped.  There was no moving it manually because it just flopped around in your hand.  I put on some Neosporin and a band-aid (these are magic to the kids) and decided to watch it.  If she continued to not move her fingers then we could head to the hospital.  Then I saw her fingers flex when she wasn’t paying attention, then she started using them to hold her cup and finally when we made it to the park… she held on to her handle bars.  Whew… I don’t think I damaged anything permanently.  she will probably have one heck of a bruise from where I had pinched a finger to the point of leaving an indentation.   Now if I can just stop feeling guilty….


2 responses to “Crunch….. WAAAAH

  1. Poor kid. Accidents happen.

  2. I’m glad to hear nothing was broken. Hang in there, she’ll be ok.
    Hugs,~ FC

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