Are you sitting down??

I just saw gas at 2.99$ a gallon.

Something that has been making me wonder is how gas stations that are STILL at 3.29$ a gallon are making money and why customers are paying 30 cents a gallon more for their gas.  For my car, that is only 4.50$ a fill-up but that does start to add up over time.  Do people still have enough money in these times to literally throw it away?


One response to “Are you sitting down??

  1. There was an article in the Tulsa paper about the correlation of the price of oil per barrel and the price of gas per gallon. And as the price of oil dropped the price of gas didn’t!!! Oil companys are the only people making money and I feel that they are reason our economy is in the shape it’s in. It all started when the price of gas tripled!!
    And yesterday gas was $2.58 at the corner C-Store.

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