The innocence of children

!!!Warning!!! This could be TMI….

Several weeks ago,  Kylie walked into the bathroom while I was drying off.  She was staring at me and asked me, "Why do your breasts move?"  Lets see… how do we answer that one.  I kept it simple… "Because they are big honey" 

Sunday morning,  Piero and I have a small discussion about breasts.  He asks why Kylie’s breasts are so small.  I had to laugh because immediately Kylie gets all indignant and says her breasts aren’t small.  As always,  I try to keep my explanations simple and I respond back, "Because she is little.  When she gets bigger, they will grow."  I see this horrified expression cross his face and puts his hands on his chest,  "Are mine going to grow?"  "No honey,  little boys breasts don’t grow only little girls."

Later on Sunday,  Kylie and I are getting ready to take a shower. We are already undressed when I realize I need to brush her hair.  Naturally, the brush is not in the bathroom so  I am in the hallway to the bathroom standing in front of her brushing her air.  She puts her hands on my breasts and says, "They are big.  Look Papa"  I am laughing a bit at this and respond, "Oh yes… look Papa".  He was basically ignoring us which was totally fine by me.  And then Kylie says, "Look Piero… look."  Luckily he too was ignoring us even more and I hustled her into the shower before she could continue to point out any more of my attributes to the other people in the house.

The innocence of children….  unfortunately, it is usually as embarrassing as it is cute.


2 responses to “The innocence of children

  1. I think you handled that well.

  2. That is pretty funny! You handled their questions perfectly! Good job!
    Hugs,~ FC

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