I am going back to bed

I called my ex because I was super stressed about something and wanted to talk about what was going on in my life.  His roommate answered his phone which led to some questions and the discovery on my part that he is in the hospital.  He is in the hospital because they think he had a mild heart attack yesterday after work.  My ex is 39 years old.  Doesn’t that seem to be a little young to be having a heart attack?  Shocking and upsetting at the very least.  After I hung up,  my first thought was that put my own problems into perspective.   But a hour later?  I guess I am being selfish.  I STILL want to talk to him about what is going on in my life even if it pales in comparison to what is going on in his life. 

And Mike, when you get to reading this???  Can you consider this a nag to take better care of yourself?    I want you to be alive for a lot longer… at least until Cody dies a natural death.  You aren’t saddling me with that woman-hating beast!!! LOL

If I go back home and crawl back into bed and start over… do you think the day will go better?


6 responses to “I am going back to bed

  1. Oh no!  I hope Mike has a quick recovery. 
    Hugs, Jen

  2. It never works for me!

  3. That never works for me–but it’s usually better than being awake and thinking about it non-stop. 😉

  4. Life style will do it to ya! EH kiddo

  5. That’s scary!  39 is way too young of course – he’s in our thoughts (as "ex" 🙂 ). 

  6. Hey hun, I totally can relate to how you feel. ((HUGS)) Also, I’ve been slipping a bit on my healthy lifestyle at night, thanks for giving me something else to help motivate myself to keep to it. A heart attack at 39 is way too young!
    ~ FC

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