Update on Mike

I got a call with an update last night.  They are thinking NOT a heart attack but a blocked artery.  Today he is going into surgery so they can stick a scope into him and check out his arteries.  Perhaps they might even fix whatever is wrong?  I am a little fuzzy on the details.

Still a little early in life to be thinking about blocked arteries but it sounds like that is better than a heart attack.  Doesn’t it?

I am with Fat Chick and hope that it motivates me to do better in life.  Of course… the first thing I do is bail on working out at the gym because I am so stressed out and tired from everything that had gone on yesterday. *sigh*  I need to work on getting less stress in my life. 


2 responses to “Update on Mike

  1. oooh yes…definately motivation. Working out is good for stress!! Go and work out. Melt into your Mp3 and work out the stress.

  2. They are probably going to put in a Stent to open up the arterie. Lets hope they cn get it in. He will feel 100% right after they do it. He will still need to make a life style change though and will be on heart drugs for ever.
    My brother Had this done a few months ago. Crappy life style. 

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