Winner Annoucement

Winner Announcement:  Baycon74 has won the EcoBags.  Please send me your snail mail address!

And other announcements:
Mike got through the surgery successfully and is now recuperating at home.    I wish him all the best on lifestyle changes.  I can totally relate to the fact that they are hard!


2 responses to “Winner Annoucement

  1. Good news!!
    Have a great weekend

  2. Thanks Hun for all the good thoughts and what-not. And yes, I will consider that other post as a nag, not that the nag on the phone wasn’t enough (j/k). 2 Good things come of this..1. I eat better and 2. I quit smoking.  The sad part is, the fact that the money I will save from the cigarettes doesn’t quite offset the cost of skinless chicken breasts, Pork Chops, and other stuff that I never really ate due to the price of them. Oh, and my reserved seats at Wendy’s, McD’s and Burger King will no longer be needed.

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