#1 reason for not eating much meat – Grocery Bill

A while ago,  I saw a blog that stated that Americans ate x number of pounds of meat a week.  I think it was 4 or 5 a week.  I thought it was absolutely incredible because Eduardo and I probably don’t go through even half that amount of meat – on average – between the two of us with him eating more meat than I do.  I looked it up again today and according to the United Nations Population fund,  the average American eats 260lbs of meat in a year.  That averages to 5 lbs per person per week.  Apparently, this must be the rich part of our population because Eduardo and I would go broke if we ate that much meat. 

I purchased about 8 lbs of beef or chicken this week.  I am talking about the cheapest meat that I could find.  I bought one chuck blade steak for 4.39$/lb and a family sized package of pre-cut stewing beef for 4.59$/lb.  It sent our grocery bill well over 100$.  I hadn’t bought much meat(a bit of chicken) in about 3 weeks and we were averaging well under 100$ a week during that time.  And before you think we are getting close to that 5lbs a week per person…. that meat will last us 2 weeks or more.  The steak got cut into two pieces and thrown in the crock pot which is why I could get away with such a cheap cut.  It will last me for at least two weeks even with Eduardo/kids having the occasional meal from it.  The last time I bought that big package of stewing beef,  it lasted for three weeks of meals – more than two weeks worth of beef stew and 1 weeks worth of meals for Eduardo. And the little whole chicken that we purchased fed 4 of us for 2 meals as well as being put to use for 2 additional lunches.  The carcass went into the freezer for future chicken soup.

I can’t even fathom eathing 5lbs a week of meat.  I can’t imagine it price wise and I can’t imagine it stomach wise.



One response to “#1 reason for not eating much meat – Grocery Bill

  1. Hi there!  Looks as if you are doing well.  I just wanted to check in and see how things were going.  I HOPE to start blogging more.  No promises though. 
    BTW, did you have children????

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