The Government does have a heart!

Last night,  I got a bill in the mail from Fairfax County saying that my property taxes were late and I was in danger of going into collections.  WTF???!?!?!!?  I know I paid that bill because I got two bills for different amounts for the Toyota Paseo and I called to find out which was the correct bill.  So I go online to hunt down the cashed cheque and print it off when I realize that I have an uncashed cheque from around Sept 10th.   Indeed, it appears that I didn’t pay the bill because it is floating around somewhere in the mail system.  Oh crap!

So this morning,  I called Fairfax Country to see if they had cashed the cheque in the last couple of days because it takes up to 4 days for a cashed cheque to clear my account.  Nope.  So I asked them what I do about the cheque I am going to put a stop payment on.  I have no desire to then get nailed a 35$ charge because they subsequently got my cheque and then cashed it.  A stop payment cheque returns back NSF.  They said they would put a note on my account to ensure that nobody tries to cash it.  And this might be all I do because a quick phone call to Chevy Chase just informed me that a stop payment is freaking 32$. 

Because if you don’t ask, you don’t receive… I decided to ask if there is any chance that I might have the late payment fines waived.  They check my history and discover that I hadn’t missed a single payment.  Sure… if I show them my cheque registry.  Umm… I don’t have one.  Will they take an online bank statement showing that a cheque hasn’t been cashed?  She will check.   They will.  The only problem is that the bill they sent me was ALSO delayed and if I don’t pay my account TODAY I will have more fines levied against me.  So I will be heading out of work early to go to the government center to pay my bill and submit my bank statement.  What a complete and total hassle.   At least  I am able to get out of the situation without paying more money than I have to.  I was actually really surprised that the government would make any allowances whatsoever for a missing cheque that I can’t prove that I wrote to them.


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