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Please go pick on someone else

Anyone remember the blog about how I picked up a piece of food (without touching any other food) and my co-worker walked into the main room and announced how disgusted he was by my behaviour?  Read on… its relevant.

Well today we were getting treated with pizza and salad at work.  So I walked into the kitchen and picked up the tongs to give myself some salad.  I touched NOTHING but the tongs.  This same guy says to me, ‘Did you wash your hands?’ No… but I am not touching any food… just these tongs.  Apparently that didn’t matter.  He mutters something about, "Why is it so difficult for people to wash their hands."  Then he walks back into the main room and says to another co-worker with whom he is good friends.  "You better go get some food before the cooties get it"  Now he didn’t mention me by name but he said this right in front of me several times.  Why exactly is he picking on me?  I saw numerous people head to the kitchen to get pizza without washing their hands.  I did wash my hands before getting into the pizza.  I even saw someone reach in and grab a couple of stray toppings with their hands.  Apparently, I am not this social misfit who doesn’t understand social norms or I have a lot of social misfits working with me.  And if that is the case… why isn’t he busy embarrassing them?



Last Friday,  Eduardo was told to call ‘Loco’ to find out where he was working on Monday.  He did and ‘Loco’ told him that he would call him back.  He never did and Eduardo didn’t work this Monday.  He showed up to the office on Tuesday as requested and got assigned to a crew.  He worked a full day on Tuesday, 6 hours on Wednesday and 4 hours on Thursday.  You see a trend?  Today,  he shows up and the manager of the crew tells him he doesn’t need him.  He asked his old manager to call Dave (the guy who hands out assignments)  and Dave apparently wasn’t working today.  He asked around and nobody needed a worker.  He is coming home without work.  Next week,  he will likely be off 2 days for Thanksgiving.  I can hope I am wrong but given the lack of work at the company, it seems likely.   So the sum total of this discussion is that we are down a week’s pay right before the holidays.  This means that I will have to call my Mom and officially tell her that spending extra money right now is just not in the cards.  She actually suggested that maybe with the economy the way it is (we had a nice little layoff at my company too) it might be best to hunker down and sit tight during the economic storm.   I am majorly disappointed as I wanted to go home and see everybody.   Mom had even arranged Christmas such that we would have a chance to see everybody if we came up.   Maybe next year.

Didn’t I tell you that my blog would be full of complaints if I kept writing?  I warned you.

Where do you find an ear?

Not every marriage is perfect.  So while I wish I had someone to talk to about what is happening in my marriage,  I don’t want that person to think what an awful person my husband is.  My husband does some things which I think are deplorable but he also has many positive traits too.  This pretty much means that I can’t talk to family and friends or even blog about some of  it (Hi! Mom and Dave).   I have been talking to someone that hasn’t met him and never will.  I feel this is a compromise to my husband’s request to not mention any personal stuff to other people yet still have an ear to listen to me and maybe make suggestions on how to get past whatever is bugging me.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in me absolutely dumping crap on this one person and that is hardly fair.  I would love to talk to my husband personally to resolve issues but if you try to talk about anything that upsets him… he usually just tells me to go away and leave him alone.  Things have to hit crisis mode before he will sit down and talk about crap that is going wrong.  But crisis mode means someone is ready to walk away from the relationship.  I don’t want things to build up to the point that someone is getting ready to leave.  We should be nipping it in the bud BEFORE it gets to this point – and yet we don’t – because only one of us wants to talk about anything that is upsetting.

So where do I find this ear?

Crazy life

I really have nothing I wish to write about because it would just be a litany of complaints.  How boring is that?  I feel overwhelmed and out-of-control because too many things are coming together at the same time.

Biopsy to test a lump for cancer
Eduardo’s work is not giving him full time hours
Issues with my own job
More general issues with Eduardo and the children

and so on and so forth

So stay tuned until I am in the right frame of mind to write something that wouldn’t be chock full of complaints.

Depressing or crazy making

There is nothing so depressing to realize that a 3 bedroom condo currently available in your complex is now priced to sell at what your 1 bedroom condo was valued at (the purchase price was lower) when you purchased it.  My gut churns to realize that I might have lost my entire down payment and my condo is now only worth what I owe on it.

But the prices are absolutely crazy because a month ago a 2 bedroom condo was priced within 10k of this 3 bedroom.  I believe it sold.  How can you possibly know the value of any home when you have homes selling for all kinds of prices that make no sense when you look at the comps in the area?

The giving spirit of our children

One of your main goals as a parent is to instill a loving and giving spirit in your children right?  I am asking my children right now to quit giving!  I want no more gifts!  What is their latest gift you ask?  Head lice.   That’s right.  Piero and Kylie have head lice.  Since they sleep on our bed, we too are the proud owners of head lice.  Kelly apparently has managed to not contract this.  So last night,  Eduardo and I are dousing our heads in RidX and pushing the little comb through our hair (good thing our hair is very, very short).  Out pops a little bug off my head.  EWWWWWW!!!!!!!  But honestly?  I looked at the pictures and I don’t think a louse dropped out of the comb.  It is kind of silvery/yellow and seems a little big for a louse.  Ideas anyone?  We have a weeks work of combing to perform and another dousing of RidX.  And a bunch of laundry to do of sheets, towels and jackets with hoodies.  Wheeee!

But where did it come from?  The new hairdresser we are all going to?  School?  We are fairly certain it hasn’t come from Kylie’s babysitter because no other kids have it.  In fact,  it was the babysitter that discovered it.  My opinion of her care has risen significantly.  Eduardo is certain that the cats have given it to us.  The official Head Lice site says that lice do not reside on pets so I think he is barking up the wrong tree on that one.

Feral Kitten goes crazy

Indeed.  I am the proud owner of 3 bites and a dozen scratches offered up by a feral kitten about 8-12 weeks old.  

People at work noticed momma and a group of kittens outside the office so they started to try to capture them.  All but 1 was captured.  Another girl got bit so she called and found out we need a tetanus shot within the last 5 years.  The Health Department needs to be notified and the kittens need to go into quarantine for 10 to 15 days.  I am in the process of waiting for my doctor to call me to find out what she recommends.  I don’t think I have had a tetanus shot in the last 5 years so I will be heading to the doctors to do that today or tomorrow *sigh*

No good deed goes unpunished.