Did you know that Halloween has rules and regulations?  Most likely, the ritual of Halloween is so inbred in us that we just ‘know’ what the rules are and don’t even think about it. 

You say ‘Trick or Treat’ when the person answers the door.
No light on outside?  No candy.
Say ‘Thank you’
A request to pick your own is not a request to pick it up by the handfuls.

I think that Americans and Canadians just know what Halloween is all about and don’t need an explanation on what to do.  It is like it is absorbed in some cultural context.  Not so if you come from another country.  Piero kept forgetting to say ‘Trick or treat’ and usually said ‘Trick or’.  Kylie said as little as possible.  By the end of the night,  he cheerfully piped up ‘Trick or’ and generally said ‘Thank you’.  He figured out the lights on and off pretty quickly and was really disappointed when he went to a place with lights on and nobody answered.

He was a Ninja/Power Ranger and she was a giraffe.  Their outfits were hits and they really did look adorable.  I did all the navigating of the doors with the kids and Eduardo did all the carrying of costume bits, purse and the pumpkin bucket with the extra candy.  They wanted that candy but then they couldn’t carry it!  He stayed out on the sidewalk.  Halloween is not a tradition for him so I don’t think he really got into it but he was smiling all night so I think he enjoyed watching the kids.  The kids didn’t really know what to expect either.  Piero was a little moody until the actual candy changed his demeanor.   After walking for 1.5 hours,  they started to get tired and cranky and we went home.  We ended up going back to where I used to live since I knew that area had alot of homes which participated in it.  And now their thoughts revolve around when they can have their candy.  We are only allowing them a certain number of candies a day.  They also got little plastic straws with skulls that they love and every cup of whatever has to be drunk with these straws.

I had a lot of fun Halloweening with them!


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