I voted today

I shall consider myself lucky!  It only took me 45minutes to get through the line.  Voting was easy.  I just had to vote for a President, a senator, a House Representative as well as a park bond.  Piece of cake.  One thing that rather surprised me(being my first election as a citizen) was all the other choices I had.  I had an Independent Party, Libertarian Party, Independent Green Party and maybe another party to choose from with respect to President.  Why haven’t I heard of any of these people? Given my antipathy towards the Big Two,  I might have wanted to vote for one these parties rather than voting for the one that I thought would screw the country over less.  But as much as I wanted to randomly vote for one of these groups,  I really didn’t want to vote for someone I hadn’t researched.  So I stuck with voting for one of the Big Two.

One response to “I voted today

  1. Well, I voted as well..took me about an hour…got in line at 5:45 ..was done at 6:45ish. I was glad I didn’t hear any "Obama vs. Mccain" Debates in the line to vote or I may have just left..OR cussed someone out..not sure 🙂

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