The giving spirit of our children

One of your main goals as a parent is to instill a loving and giving spirit in your children right?  I am asking my children right now to quit giving!  I want no more gifts!  What is their latest gift you ask?  Head lice.   That’s right.  Piero and Kylie have head lice.  Since they sleep on our bed, we too are the proud owners of head lice.  Kelly apparently has managed to not contract this.  So last night,  Eduardo and I are dousing our heads in RidX and pushing the little comb through our hair (good thing our hair is very, very short).  Out pops a little bug off my head.  EWWWWWW!!!!!!!  But honestly?  I looked at the pictures and I don’t think a louse dropped out of the comb.  It is kind of silvery/yellow and seems a little big for a louse.  Ideas anyone?  We have a weeks work of combing to perform and another dousing of RidX.  And a bunch of laundry to do of sheets, towels and jackets with hoodies.  Wheeee!

But where did it come from?  The new hairdresser we are all going to?  School?  We are fairly certain it hasn’t come from Kylie’s babysitter because no other kids have it.  In fact,  it was the babysitter that discovered it.  My opinion of her care has risen significantly.  Eduardo is certain that the cats have given it to us.  The official Head Lice site says that lice do not reside on pets so I think he is barking up the wrong tree on that one.


3 responses to “The giving spirit of our children

  1. I could be wrong, but I think if the kids jackets hang on pegs right next to the jackets of kids with lice, they could get it that way.  I think.  These things usually come from school.  Yuck! 

  2. I am a wimp when it comes to bugs. I’m a bigger wimp when it comes to bugs touching me or living on me for that matter. I definitely sympathize with you. I hope you all clear up soon! Good luck!
    ~ FC

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