Please go pick on someone else

Anyone remember the blog about how I picked up a piece of food (without touching any other food) and my co-worker walked into the main room and announced how disgusted he was by my behaviour?  Read on… its relevant.

Well today we were getting treated with pizza and salad at work.  So I walked into the kitchen and picked up the tongs to give myself some salad.  I touched NOTHING but the tongs.  This same guy says to me, ‘Did you wash your hands?’ No… but I am not touching any food… just these tongs.  Apparently that didn’t matter.  He mutters something about, "Why is it so difficult for people to wash their hands."  Then he walks back into the main room and says to another co-worker with whom he is good friends.  "You better go get some food before the cooties get it"  Now he didn’t mention me by name but he said this right in front of me several times.  Why exactly is he picking on me?  I saw numerous people head to the kitchen to get pizza without washing their hands.  I did wash my hands before getting into the pizza.  I even saw someone reach in and grab a couple of stray toppings with their hands.  Apparently, I am not this social misfit who doesn’t understand social norms or I have a lot of social misfits working with me.  And if that is the case… why isn’t he busy embarrassing them?


4 responses to “Please go pick on someone else

  1. Girlfriend! He’s an ass!! Stay as far away from him as you can.
    And  I do not care if you vent. Some of the best  blogs are of people venting.
    and if you need to chat with anyone…I’m always  here.  You know how to find me.

  2. Ok, anyone that is going to refer to your germs, if they are there or not, as "cooties" needs to just grow up. Have I met this person, want me to come smack him for ya…we’re not related anymore, it would be a totally random act of unkindness on my part towards him.
    Talk to ya later

  3. That is work place harassment kid. As a supervisor I have seen this crap before. He needs a copy of your State harrasment laws. You need to do two things. 1- tell him right away you do not like or appreciate what he is saying and if he doesn’t stop you will mention it to human resources. 2- Write down the time and day and all witness names if any.
    If he does it again report him.
    Your boss has an obligation by law to deal with it.
    These people were most likely bullies when growning up (they never really grew up).
    Your place of work needs to set up a work shop on work place harrassment.

  4. I completely agree with the rest of the comments. This guy is a jerk! You are doing nothing wrong.~ FC

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