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Just wrapping… just wrapping

All presents are done!!! I finished them last night.  I even wrapped some of Eduardo’s gifts.  I still have more of Eduardo’s gifts to wrap and I have to pick up Mom’s gifts from the post office.  Hard to believe that I managed to execute Christmas on time.

I am going to leave my office at 11:30am today and I won’t be back until Monday.  Tonight we open gifts.  Tomorrow morning we open more gifts.  Tomorrow afternoon,  Eduardo is heading to Kelly’s with the kids and going to a party at which only Peruvians are invited.  No invite for me apparently which does not please me.  In fact,  I think it is a little rude for the invitation to exclude the spouse.  I am taking advantage of my two days off and sudden free time to head down to Mike’s place.   I don’t know what we are going to do but we are going to have my home-made lasagna for supper and watch "The Dark Knight" afterward.  I am really looking forward to this.  I can’t say I am looking forward to the long drive – I do not like driving – but I am looking forward to the visit at least.   I head back on Friday to my place.  Saturday I work and Sunday is for rest!

To update you all on my biopsy stuff (I can’t remember if I have)….

I got the bill for the mammogram.  Holy crap!!!  and that is not the words that first sprang to mind.  I am used to paying 25$ with my old insurance.  I owe 211$ for my mammogram with Eduardo’s insurance.  I owe 300$ for the biopsy.  I am almost scared to see what the bill for the hospital is going to be.   I think I have been pampered up until now with my health insurance.  It has always been first rate with hospital visits being a flat 250$.   I know the insurance I dropped at Dedicated Micros only covered 80% of hospital visits and I am not sure what this insurance company pays.  Ignorance is bliss so I am going to ignore this problem until I have to deal with it.  That will be Tuesday.  Oh wait… I guess I should be telling you that the biopsy didn’t come back negative.  It did not come back positive for cancer either.  I am in this inbetween state so they want to take the whole lump out to look at it.  I asked the surgeon if she would take out the large lump in my underarm on the other side at the same time.  The lump is often very painful to the point of impacting my actions.  She said she believed it was breast tissue that somehow got mislocated and she would do that at the same time.   I think it will be cheaper to get both surgeries at the same time… what do you think?  So… think of me next week.


Translator needed?

Eduardo has been dealing with an ingrown toenail that has resulted in infection due to trying to perform his own minor surgery.  He gets ingrown toenails a lot so this happens a lot.   After 2 weeks of ignoring the issue,  he finally decided that things had gotten serious and he needed to deal with it.  The choice was to spend Sunday night (as in after midnight) at emergency or go to the doctor’s on Monday.  I voted for going to the doctor on Monday and I make the appointment on Monday morning.  We get to the family doctor and what did I discover?  I made the appointment with the Hispanic doctor and he didn’t need me!  They are yakking away in Spanish and I am totally superfluous!  She said that Eduardo needed part of his toenail removed so he gave us a list of doctors to call to perform the procedure.   It was actually good that I went there so I could call this list of doctors but it felt weird to be there for translation and realize that you weren’t needed. Eduardo was less than happy that he went to the doctor and they couldn’t do anything for him.  So I sat in the car and called around to the different doctors and miracle of miracle – a doctor had an available appointment for that afternoon.  We took it.  Sadly,  they don’t participate in our network so I don’t know how much the bill is going to be.  So yesterday afternoon,  Eduardo had a small piece of his toe removed around his toenail and a small sliver of his toenail removed.   Believe it or not…. he went to work today. Incredible!

P.S.  I am down to just three gifts to finish.  I have to attached the brim to the crown on Piero’s and Eduardo’s hat and I have to make another microwaveable rice bag.  I expect to get that done tonight!  I might just slide into Christmas with everything on my list done.

Kid’s shopping done

I am pleased to report that all the shopping for kid’s toys are done.   It was very difficult to shop for Piero.  We went to WalMart and ToysRUs for the bulk of it.  The major gift for him was not difficult because we already knew that we wanted to get him a Hot Wheels track.   But after that?  What do you get him?  We didn’t want to get him anything that was violent like guns or spiderman darts.  Figurines fall under that category too once he starts playing with them.  We looked at items that said 3+ and felt that anything that was appropriate for a 3 year old was probably not appropriate for a 6 year old.  We looked at other things which were cool but then they said 8+ or 10+.  His co-ordination is not the best so we didn’t want to get anything rated for an older child.   I got the brillant idea that maybe we could get him something that encouraged his drawing.  Not that much available that didn’t require you to buy special paper.  We already support Xerox.  I didn’t want to support Crayola too. We seriously saw very little that seemed moderately educational and would inspire his creativity.  I don’t remember all the toys I got as a child but I feel like they inspired me to play and were certainly not computerized like many games today.  There isn’t much left after you take out Vtech, Vsmile, LeapFrog and so on.

So what was the end result of all our gift buying?
Piero – Hot wheels dinosaur themed track, Cars giant activity pad with lots of drawing, an archaeological dig for dinosaur bones, dinosaur game, spiderman puzzle, hot wheels cars, a SpongeBob book and some stocking stuffers.  I made him a safari hat from dinosaur material.  You are getting the idea that he likes dinosaurs right?

Kylie – small kitchen, second-hand bed/bath play station, more pots and pans for her kitchen, a book on kittens, Thomas the train book, diaper bag with little doll items and some stocking stuffers.  I made her a little bed set with mattress and cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, fleece blanket, quilt and bolster pillow.  I also made her a play quilt she could play on with her doll.

Believe it or not,  we somehow managed to spend almost exactly the same amount of money to the dollar on both kids.

The Grinch has arrived

I don’t hate Christmas.  Au contraire… I usually love it.  But this year,  I am simply too tired and stressed out to enjoy it in the slightest.  I can’t explain it.  It is not because I am behind and afraid I won’t be ready for Christmas.  I am not behind.  Christmas cards went out on time.  Presents home went out on time.  According to the Post Office,  I sent them 1 day before the deadline for them to arrive in time for Christmas.  Even the Christmas presents for my immediate family – although not finished are not overwhelmingly unfinished.  We have about 22$ left in the budget for Kylie.  That is only one other small gift and some stocking stuffers.  I have finished all homemade gifts for Kylie.  I have about 50$ left for Eduardo and I am simply going to go buy him some tools for work.  It doesn’t take long to blow through 50$ in the tool department.  I have to finish 2 gifts for Eduardo.  One from me and one from Piero.  I need to finish all of Kelly’s gifts from the kids but that should only take about an hour.   Piero’s handmade gift is not finished.  Most of his shopping is not finished either.  We have 67$ left in his budget.  I suppose if we buy him the dinosaur Trick Tracks – he will be almost finished.   Don’t I sound basically on top of things?

And yet…. not looking forward to the holiday.


I hate MSN?

I just realized that I no longer see ALL of my comments on my home page.  Just those comments that are made by those people in my network.  Hello… I have plenty of people who post that aren’t in my MSN network.  MSN must be feeling pretty proud of themselves if they think that only those people who belong to MSN rate notice of their comments.

So… SORRY NADINE…. I just now realized that you have commented on my site recently.

On the homefront…

life is absolutely sucking.

  • Problems at work have basically spiraled out of control and rather took me by surprise.  Nowhere to go but uphill at this point.
  • Eduardo wants to quit his schooling and apprenticeship program.  This should pretty much destroy the gains that we have made financially and make things worse as we took on more needed debt based on his better salary and a promise that he wouldn’t quit.
  • Christmas?  Please Santa… delay this for another month or six.  Christmas gifts went home to the family.  I am almost done with making Kylie’s gift and started Piero’s and Eduardo’s.  I don’t have a clue what to get Eduardo and we haven’t started shopping for the kids except for what I have picked up along the way or am making.  He hasn’t even talked to me about shopping for the kids.  Am I responsible for it all?
  • I am literally losing my mind.  I can’t remember anything that is said to me at work.  Someone calls me and updates me on an issue.  Someone else calls me and says… did so-and-so update you.  Yep.  Do you know the details… ummm… uhhh… oh yes… blah blah blah.  But for about 10 very noticeable seconds it is a big blank as I search for that piece of information that I know I was told and can no longer remember.  I put something somewhere at home and 2 minutes later I am looking for whatever I just set down.  I can’t for the life of me remember what I did with it and sometimes I can’t even remember that I had it in my hands let alone put it somewhere.

Just more complaints because I see no way out of the quagmire.

What not to do when hiding presents

We had a brilliant idea…. it was cold outside so our balcony is no longer used…. Why don’t we use it for storing presents????  And for the last 2 weeks it has worked.  We put Kylie’s thrift store find outside (it is just plastic) and put a blanket over it.  I thought about windy days so I made extra sure to secure it properly under the gift.   And so our first extra windy happened and naturally the sheet blew off and Kylie saw her present.   I didn’t realize she had seen her present because Piero informed us you could see it.  So we hustled Kylie into the bedroom and covered the present back up.  Didn’t work!  About 15 minutes later,  Kylie wanted to play with the bed and wanted it NOW!  She started crying and kept crying for about 30 minutes when we explained to her that she couldn’t play with it.   Yep… we flat out lied to her and said we were storing it for another little girl.  So now the gift is in my car and will have to stay in my car for the weekends.  It wasn’t until we fully removed it that she started to forget about it.   *sigh*  On the bright side… it would appear that she will like it!