Update on my Biopsy

I got a letter from my doctor that said Benign! No worries attached to the report regarding the biopsy.  I read the report but lets be honest… it was way over my head.  The words that jumped out at me were "atypical", "rare" and "recommend surgical excision".  This didn’t sound good but if my doctor said it was fine… then hey… it must be fine.  I quit worrying just like she told me to and filed the report into my medical paperwork.

Well Happy Birthday girl!!! the doctor called me to say that she recommends that we remove the lump.  She has no explanation for the previous letter as she swears that the addendum wasn’t in the first letter.   So I have an appointment on December 12th with a surgeon to discuss removing the lump surgically.  Let that molehill grow!


2 responses to “Update on my Biopsy

  1. I wonder if you somehow got mixed up with another patient and recieved the wrong instructions the first time. :(At least it is going to be addressed now and hopefully after it is removed you won’t have any more issues. Hugs, Jen

  2. Geez, nothing like playing with your emotions. I hope everything goes well for you.Hugs,~ FC

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