My birthday

Eduardo thinks I am difficult to shop for.  Why?  Because I am too simple.  Now now… he wasn’t referring to intelligence.  He was referring to the fact that I never seem to want anything.   I can’t say that is true but I probably don’t talk a lot about things I want.  Either I decide I want it enough to buy it or I decide that I can live without it.  Well… there is no point in talking about stuff that you have decided you can live without.  That really just makes you want something you just finished deciding you can do without.  And for things I can’t afford… I really truly don’t want to talk about those.  It just frustrates me that something I really and truly want is out of my reach.  I have plenty of examples of those and I won’t be getting them for Christmas – say new windows for the condo or a new washer and dryer – stackable please.

But Eduardo was certainly listening to the one thing that I said I wanted a number of times.  I have mentioned several times that I wished I had a little portable radio for listening to the TV at the gym.  I can change the channel to whatever I want(assuming no one else is watching) but I can’t read the subtitles unless I am using the treadmill.  That was really frustrating for when I wanted to use some other piece of equipment.  I had taken to just getting on the bike and bringing a book to read.  I don’t think I work out as well when I am glued to a book.   I now have a little pedometer/FM radio that can clip on to my belt.  I can use this to tune into the TV just like I wanted.  I need to set up the pedometer part so I can see how much I walk in my everyday life.  He also bought me a Police/Sting CD.  I like The Police so I am pretty happy about that.

So apologies to anyone trying to buy me gifts.  Eduardo probably is somewhat right.  I don’t have a lot of wants and any wants I have are likely purchased if I decide I want them enough.  And for anything I don’t purchase… it is probably because I can’t afford them and you aren’t going to be buying them for me either due to their price.


3 responses to “My birthday

  1. Happy birthday! If I were to get you a present, I’d probably go with a quilting tool, maybe an acrylic square, and a fat quarter of fabric or nice scissors. You could do it up in a sewing basket to look cute. Maybe a kitty pin cushion. Yep, that is what I would do. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday!!!I have similar problem. The thing with me though is that people get tired of me telling them the same thing over and over again. They ask what I want and my first response is, "books are always good." Then I usually get an eye roll from them. Go figure… lol~ FC

  3. See, now you know I got you that green frog candle j/k

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