What not to do when hiding presents

We had a brilliant idea…. it was cold outside so our balcony is no longer used…. Why don’t we use it for storing presents????  And for the last 2 weeks it has worked.  We put Kylie’s thrift store find outside (it is just plastic) and put a blanket over it.  I thought about windy days so I made extra sure to secure it properly under the gift.   And so our first extra windy happened and naturally the sheet blew off and Kylie saw her present.   I didn’t realize she had seen her present because Piero informed us you could see it.  So we hustled Kylie into the bedroom and covered the present back up.  Didn’t work!  About 15 minutes later,  Kylie wanted to play with the bed and wanted it NOW!  She started crying and kept crying for about 30 minutes when we explained to her that she couldn’t play with it.   Yep… we flat out lied to her and said we were storing it for another little girl.  So now the gift is in my car and will have to stay in my car for the weekends.  It wasn’t until we fully removed it that she started to forget about it.   *sigh*  On the bright side… it would appear that she will like it!


One response to “What not to do when hiding presents

  1. I had to lie to Colleen last year and tell her that the presents were for her cousin, Emma. Thankfully she just thought Santa brought her the same toys that we sent Emma, but that trick won’t work again. I’ve taken to wrapping everything ASAP without tags (she can read our names). I know by the wrapping paper used who’s give it is. It gets worse as they get older, I remember one year recognizing paper on our gifts from our parents as the same wrapping paper that Santa used the year before and my parents must have still been too asleep to come up with a good excuse quickly. :)Hugs, Jen

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