On the homefront…

life is absolutely sucking.

  • Problems at work have basically spiraled out of control and rather took me by surprise.  Nowhere to go but uphill at this point.
  • Eduardo wants to quit his schooling and apprenticeship program.  This should pretty much destroy the gains that we have made financially and make things worse as we took on more needed debt based on his better salary and a promise that he wouldn’t quit.
  • Christmas?  Please Santa… delay this for another month or six.  Christmas gifts went home to the family.  I am almost done with making Kylie’s gift and started Piero’s and Eduardo’s.  I don’t have a clue what to get Eduardo and we haven’t started shopping for the kids except for what I have picked up along the way or am making.  He hasn’t even talked to me about shopping for the kids.  Am I responsible for it all?
  • I am literally losing my mind.  I can’t remember anything that is said to me at work.  Someone calls me and updates me on an issue.  Someone else calls me and says… did so-and-so update you.  Yep.  Do you know the details… ummm… uhhh… oh yes… blah blah blah.  But for about 10 very noticeable seconds it is a big blank as I search for that piece of information that I know I was told and can no longer remember.  I put something somewhere at home and 2 minutes later I am looking for whatever I just set down.  I can’t for the life of me remember what I did with it and sometimes I can’t even remember that I had it in my hands let alone put it somewhere.

Just more complaints because I see no way out of the quagmire.


3 responses to “On the homefront…

  1. I hope everything starts to smooth out for you soon. I’m in the middle of some turmoil myself. ((HUGS)),~ FC

  2. I’m very worried about you. I would not worry about gifts….You give those children way more than any toy can. Take one thing at a time. You’ll manage!!I have a great deal of faith in you.

  3. Oh Lord!!! can you see up my skirt??? I just hate MSN…with a passion!!! I’ll have to change that.Oh what the hell….everyone else has seen up there!!

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