The Grinch has arrived

I don’t hate Christmas.  Au contraire… I usually love it.  But this year,  I am simply too tired and stressed out to enjoy it in the slightest.  I can’t explain it.  It is not because I am behind and afraid I won’t be ready for Christmas.  I am not behind.  Christmas cards went out on time.  Presents home went out on time.  According to the Post Office,  I sent them 1 day before the deadline for them to arrive in time for Christmas.  Even the Christmas presents for my immediate family – although not finished are not overwhelmingly unfinished.  We have about 22$ left in the budget for Kylie.  That is only one other small gift and some stocking stuffers.  I have finished all homemade gifts for Kylie.  I have about 50$ left for Eduardo and I am simply going to go buy him some tools for work.  It doesn’t take long to blow through 50$ in the tool department.  I have to finish 2 gifts for Eduardo.  One from me and one from Piero.  I need to finish all of Kelly’s gifts from the kids but that should only take about an hour.   Piero’s handmade gift is not finished.  Most of his shopping is not finished either.  We have 67$ left in his budget.  I suppose if we buy him the dinosaur Trick Tracks – he will be almost finished.   Don’t I sound basically on top of things?

And yet…. not looking forward to the holiday.



One response to “The Grinch has arrived

  1. come away from MSN…’s okay…..I promise….blogspot is so easy. There are no unwanted updates and here are no lockdowns….its easy!!! Come away from the darkside!!

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