Kid’s shopping done

I am pleased to report that all the shopping for kid’s toys are done.   It was very difficult to shop for Piero.  We went to WalMart and ToysRUs for the bulk of it.  The major gift for him was not difficult because we already knew that we wanted to get him a Hot Wheels track.   But after that?  What do you get him?  We didn’t want to get him anything that was violent like guns or spiderman darts.  Figurines fall under that category too once he starts playing with them.  We looked at items that said 3+ and felt that anything that was appropriate for a 3 year old was probably not appropriate for a 6 year old.  We looked at other things which were cool but then they said 8+ or 10+.  His co-ordination is not the best so we didn’t want to get anything rated for an older child.   I got the brillant idea that maybe we could get him something that encouraged his drawing.  Not that much available that didn’t require you to buy special paper.  We already support Xerox.  I didn’t want to support Crayola too. We seriously saw very little that seemed moderately educational and would inspire his creativity.  I don’t remember all the toys I got as a child but I feel like they inspired me to play and were certainly not computerized like many games today.  There isn’t much left after you take out Vtech, Vsmile, LeapFrog and so on.

So what was the end result of all our gift buying?
Piero – Hot wheels dinosaur themed track, Cars giant activity pad with lots of drawing, an archaeological dig for dinosaur bones, dinosaur game, spiderman puzzle, hot wheels cars, a SpongeBob book and some stocking stuffers.  I made him a safari hat from dinosaur material.  You are getting the idea that he likes dinosaurs right?

Kylie – small kitchen, second-hand bed/bath play station, more pots and pans for her kitchen, a book on kittens, Thomas the train book, diaper bag with little doll items and some stocking stuffers.  I made her a little bed set with mattress and cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, fleece blanket, quilt and bolster pillow.  I also made her a play quilt she could play on with her doll.

Believe it or not,  we somehow managed to spend almost exactly the same amount of money to the dollar on both kids.


3 responses to “Kid’s shopping done

  1. Congratulations on finishing your shopping! I found it difficult to shop for Wesley as well, the selection of little boy toys at the stores isn’t very good this year. Merry Christmas!

  2. Good for you! I’m down to the very last few pennies I have left and the last few gifts. Here’s hoping I can pull it off.Hugs,~ FC

  3. I left my old space behind….I copied every entry to my PC documents. and re-published them slowly into my new blog. Eveytime some one comments on any of my entries I get an email. I love blogger!!!!!! I can send a published copy of each entry to my email address and save them. Just in case…. I can schedule blogs for future entries. I have 3 waiting to go.And those kids will be happy with whatever they get. Their kids….they are easy! Not teens!! Not so easy.

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