Translator needed?

Eduardo has been dealing with an ingrown toenail that has resulted in infection due to trying to perform his own minor surgery.  He gets ingrown toenails a lot so this happens a lot.   After 2 weeks of ignoring the issue,  he finally decided that things had gotten serious and he needed to deal with it.  The choice was to spend Sunday night (as in after midnight) at emergency or go to the doctor’s on Monday.  I voted for going to the doctor on Monday and I make the appointment on Monday morning.  We get to the family doctor and what did I discover?  I made the appointment with the Hispanic doctor and he didn’t need me!  They are yakking away in Spanish and I am totally superfluous!  She said that Eduardo needed part of his toenail removed so he gave us a list of doctors to call to perform the procedure.   It was actually good that I went there so I could call this list of doctors but it felt weird to be there for translation and realize that you weren’t needed. Eduardo was less than happy that he went to the doctor and they couldn’t do anything for him.  So I sat in the car and called around to the different doctors and miracle of miracle – a doctor had an available appointment for that afternoon.  We took it.  Sadly,  they don’t participate in our network so I don’t know how much the bill is going to be.  So yesterday afternoon,  Eduardo had a small piece of his toe removed around his toenail and a small sliver of his toenail removed.   Believe it or not…. he went to work today. Incredible!

P.S.  I am down to just three gifts to finish.  I have to attached the brim to the crown on Piero’s and Eduardo’s hat and I have to make another microwaveable rice bag.  I expect to get that done tonight!  I might just slide into Christmas with everything on my list done.


One response to “Translator needed?

  1. Great job on the Christmas presents! I hope Eduardo’s toe feels better soon. I had an ingrown toenail once and I thought it liked to kill me! 🙂

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