Just wrapping… just wrapping

All presents are done!!! I finished them last night.  I even wrapped some of Eduardo’s gifts.  I still have more of Eduardo’s gifts to wrap and I have to pick up Mom’s gifts from the post office.  Hard to believe that I managed to execute Christmas on time.

I am going to leave my office at 11:30am today and I won’t be back until Monday.  Tonight we open gifts.  Tomorrow morning we open more gifts.  Tomorrow afternoon,  Eduardo is heading to Kelly’s with the kids and going to a party at which only Peruvians are invited.  No invite for me apparently which does not please me.  In fact,  I think it is a little rude for the invitation to exclude the spouse.  I am taking advantage of my two days off and sudden free time to head down to Mike’s place.   I don’t know what we are going to do but we are going to have my home-made lasagna for supper and watch "The Dark Knight" afterward.  I am really looking forward to this.  I can’t say I am looking forward to the long drive – I do not like driving – but I am looking forward to the visit at least.   I head back on Friday to my place.  Saturday I work and Sunday is for rest!

To update you all on my biopsy stuff (I can’t remember if I have)….

I got the bill for the mammogram.  Holy crap!!!  and that is not the words that first sprang to mind.  I am used to paying 25$ with my old insurance.  I owe 211$ for my mammogram with Eduardo’s insurance.  I owe 300$ for the biopsy.  I am almost scared to see what the bill for the hospital is going to be.   I think I have been pampered up until now with my health insurance.  It has always been first rate with hospital visits being a flat 250$.   I know the insurance I dropped at Dedicated Micros only covered 80% of hospital visits and I am not sure what this insurance company pays.  Ignorance is bliss so I am going to ignore this problem until I have to deal with it.  That will be Tuesday.  Oh wait… I guess I should be telling you that the biopsy didn’t come back negative.  It did not come back positive for cancer either.  I am in this inbetween state so they want to take the whole lump out to look at it.  I asked the surgeon if she would take out the large lump in my underarm on the other side at the same time.  The lump is often very painful to the point of impacting my actions.  She said she believed it was breast tissue that somehow got mislocated and she would do that at the same time.   I think it will be cheaper to get both surgeries at the same time… what do you think?  So… think of me next week.


2 responses to “Just wrapping… just wrapping

  1. Merry Christmas! I’ll be thinking of you next week. I think it is bunk not to include the spouses, but I hope you have fun at Mike’s. Shawn and I have plans to watch The Dark Knight as well. :)Hugs, Jen

  2. Good luck kid hope all goes well. I’ll let your mom know you got the gifts finally.

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