I’m alive?

Friday night I went to bed before 8pm.  I was freezing cold and couldn’t get warm.  An hour later?  I was sweating buckets but if I so much as pushed off a blanket, I was freezing cold 5 minutes later.  I stayed in bed until afternoon on Saturday.  Saturday around supper,  I finally got up and took a shower and had something somewhat substantial to eat.  Then I went back to bed to read and watch a movie.  I really didn’t budge from that bed until Sunday morning at 10:30.

Sunday,  I went to do groceries.  I came back soaking wet. Apparently I wasn’t quite up to the task.  The rest of the day,  I spent it very quietly.  Lets face it… I wasn’t really well enough to do anything else.

Monday…. yep… more sick… and took the day off work.  I still had a fever and I was yakking up stuff from my lungs.  I really didn’t see where my co-workers wanted to be watching that.

So I have absolutely nothing to write about because I have done sweet dick all for 3 days.

Oh… watch the move "The Limbo"… I did… I loved it. 


2 responses to “I’m alive?

  1. fever and chills….that’s more than a cold. Are you talking an antibiotic?? It sounds like you have picked up a bug in the Hospital.More rest.More time off.

  2. Get well soon dear!~ FC

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