Wedding Anniversary

January 20th is our wedding anniversary.  We have been married for two years.   Eduardo had the day off work due to the Inauguration so I took a vacation day also and we spent the day together.  We didn’t do anything super special.  We got up late and turned on the TV to watch the start of the festivities.  We headed out to the gym together and then came back to watch the speeches.  Obama is a very good speaker!  He had both of us very emotional over the power and words in his speech.  After everything was over, we headed out to new restaurant we wanted to try.  It was a little Bolivian hole-in-the-wall that looked rather run down on the outside.  It had no menu.  The waitress told you which two soups were available and which main courses were available.   You selected what you wanted.  Eduardo was initially turned off by that but was convinced by the great food that the lack of menu was not an issue.  He said this kind of place was very popular in Peru.  Lots of restaurant only served a single dish each day.  After lunch we checked out a little thrift store next door.

The afternoon and evening was spent reading(me) or doing homework(him).  It was a very relaxing day and reminded me of what it was like to actually be a couple rather than two tired people who went to work or dealt with kids every day of the week.


3 responses to “Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!Hugs,~ FC

  2. Two years already! Time flies! Congratulations to both of you, Happy Anniversary!Hugs, jen

  3. Congrats!!!

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