Like Night and Day

Eduardo doesn’t have work today.  The company didn’t have any work for him so he is ‘laid off’ for the day.  As a result,  we dropped off Piero off at Kelly’s house and Kylie stayed with us last night.  She is so much easier to be with.  She has significantly less energy than Piero and is much quieter.  At times,  I feel like Piero is an energy vampire and just leaves me limp after his visits.  He has trouble concentrating and it shows I think.  He is 6, she is almost 4.  He has trouble putting together a 50 piece puzzle without help.  She can put a 25 piece puzzle together without help.  A good example of his non-stop energy was Sunday morning.  We decided that sick people and healthy people were going to sleep together.  Piero and I weren’t sick so we slept in the bedroom.   I could tell when Piero woke up.  Immediately,  I heard little sounds coming out of his side of the bed.  Quiet little sounds but sounds nonetheless. AIIIEE!!! Por favor… let me sleep!  But no more sleep was in my future.  As soon as I twitched and he realized I was awake… he started talking to me.  He talks more than I do!!!

Contrast this with Kylie….
If we are walking along in the shopping mall or somewhere… we walk along quietly.  She doesn’t say much.  Piero?  He chatters the whole way.  She is out in the living room playing.  I hear some quiet sounds while I am trying to do some sewing in the bedroom.  Then all is quiet.  She has fallen asleep on the floor as I discover when I go out to see what the silence is all about.  After her little nap, she brings a book to us.  She opens it up and out of her mouth pops the words from the page.  She is not quite 4 and she can remember the words from a book I read 2 nights ago.  I have also seen her ‘read’ other books.  When she gets to certain pages,  she knows the words on those pages even if I haven’t read the book for several weeks.  Maybe this is normal for not quite 4 but it certainly blows my mind away.  Piero is just as the point where he can see the same word twice on the same page and realize that it is the same word and he knows how to say it the second time.  Kylie knows certain numbers too.  She was looking at the book I was reading and pointed to the page number and said 24.  Wowsers…. It took Piero at least 6 months of school to get his numbers to 20 figured out.  She can already look at numbers and say them.  I don’t know if the difference is that Piero’s schooling is just exposing her to concepts or what… but she sure seems like a smart cookie.  I think Piero can be smart too but it seems like his inability to focus (or lack of desire) makes it harder for him to pick up concepts that he is exposed to.  She just absorbs them from listening and he must be taught them over and over.


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