My husband rocks

My husband just passed his 9th exam out of 12.  He had to pass 9 exams to continue to the next level.  He also did the math and he only needs 16 more points out of a remaining 200 points in order to pass this level.  This number is also important because he needs an overall average of 75% or 900 points out of the 1200 points he can be awarded to get to the next level.  Yippee… I told him I don’t want him deliberately bombing any tests because we still count on his school money for our budget.  He fails an exam?  They don’t pay him.

We still don’t know if he needs to get through one more level before he is free from being kicked out or what.  All we know is that he has to get through his first year.  We don’t know if that first year is this set of 12 exams (which was only 6 months) or whether it includes the next set of 12 exams.  Once he passes the first year,  the program will allow him to retake the year if he doesn’t pass it.   He won’t be able to advance in his apprenticeship but at least he is not automatically kicked out of the program. 

He told me last night that half of the class has already failed 4 exams and they are gone from the program.  His involvement in this school has seriously caused me a lot of stress.  Silent stress that I haven’t passed along to Eduardo because he too is stressed by the amount of studying he has to do in order to pass.  He has been feeling more positive the longer he remains in the program but he is still often negative about it.  I worry that he will fail out of the program and his alternatives for finding decent paying work will be slim in this economy.  This will impact us and significantly impact Kelly and the kids.  So I worry…..

But right now?  HE ROCKS!


4 responses to “My husband rocks

  1. yes he does rock…that is such great news…♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  2. Positive reinforcement!!! He’ll do well when his spirits are up.

  3. Congratulations Eduardo!!! YAY! Keep up the good work!~ FC

  4. You both should be very proud! The most important thing, to my way of thinking, is willingness to put the effort in, and he certainly seems to have that going for him. Feel free to tell him AuntieJen says Great Job, Keep Up The Good Work! :)Hugs, Jen

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