Coconut oil is not the answer

I have been trying to get away from commercial moisturizers.  Most of them contain chemicals and other additives that I am not so certain are good for you.  I found this great place called Chagrin Valley Soaps which creates natural moisturizers.  They are reasonably priced for this kind of product and are sold in non-plastic containers.  Although they are reasonably priced,  I was hoping to source something more local and even more reasonably priced.  I thought I would start with coconut oil.  You can get a spaghetti sauce sized jar for about 10$.  After three weeks of using it,  I have come to the conclusion that I have some type of allergy to coconut oil.  I don’t understand it because I have used commercial and natural moisturizers with coconut oil in them.  But nonetheless….. right after applying the oil and for about an hour afterward, my skin has a reddish look and it gets itchy.  This is not the solution.

I have been doing some more searching and the best I can find is almond oil from Amazon that comes in a glass bottle.  Everything else is sourced in plastic. I can find food grade grapeseed oil in glass but I don’t know if that is appropriate for applying to the body or not.  I am still considering buying from a wholesaler in plastic tubs.  One of the ingredients in this lovely bar moisturizer I got is called illipe butter.  It is supposed to be very healing for dry skin.  I can get this by the lb and it is reasonably priced.  You can get it in huge amounts but I was thinking a lb or 1/2lb was more than sufficient to figure out if it worked and whether or not I was allergic to it being applied at full force.  Soon I will buy and experiment once again.  


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