Update on surgery

If the goal of the surgery was to get rid of pain in my underarm, it wasn’t a complete success.  I believe that not all of the tissue is gone.  That in fact, the tissue is all the way through my underarm.  About 3 weeks after the surgery,  I realized that my underarm was still puffy in comparison to my other underarm.  Before, you couldn’t really see that ‘puffiness’ because of the larger mass that was situated at the bottom.  Now you can clearly see it… my first period has come around since the surgery and there is pain in the middle of my underarm.  I will admit to having pain there before but it was hard to tell if the pain was a separate issue or just a result of the big blob right next to it.  Obviously, it was separate.   I am disappointed that I won’t be pain free.  Hopefully, this will not grow into some type of mass and I can simply just ignore the pain.  In terms of pain, it really isn’t that bad.


One response to “Update on surgery

  1. And your dr has no idea what is causing all this??? Scar tissue??? My hairdresser went back to work too early and had a problem with pain and scar tissue issues…just an idea to ask your dr.

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