Fundraising – Hispanic style

On Sunday,  we attended a fundraiser.  A friend of Eduardo’s lost her job.  She was a nanny looking after a little boy.  The mother lost their job and obviously couldn’t afford nor needed a nanny.  This is a very serious blow to their financial stability as her husband lost his job almost a year ago and has not been able to find sustainable work.  I don’t think anyone would consider delivering pizzas to be a good full-time job.  Perhaps it is and I am being a social snob of some type?  I can see it for extra income but not your main source of income.  I hope that one of them is able to find a job and quickly.

I gather the type of fundraising that we went to is popular in the Hispanic culture.  What happens is the person that needs money advertises to friends/family/whoever that they are raising funds.  They will provide a plate of food for a specific amount of money.  I think that we have gone to one of these through a Hispanic church.    In this case,  his friend was making Adobo for 10$ a plate.  You got a huge bowl of Adobo (like a spicy pork soup) with some bread and a drink.  In our case,  we went to their house and had a sit down lunch with them.  We got a lovely bowl of Adobo with some bread as well as a chaser of Anise liquor and some tea.  We also got a chance to spend some time with our friends.   We took home three containers of Adobo.  One for me, one for Eduardo and another for Kelly.  In total, we supported them for 50$.   I felt a little weird giving them the money so I left the whole money and take-home containers to Eduardo.  I was afraid of offending or embarrassing them by saying something that would be appropriate for me but inappropriate for them.


One response to “Fundraising – Hispanic style

  1. What a wonderful way for a community to come together in support of one of their own. This is a wonderful tradition!Up here in the pacific northwest they are big on fundraisers that they call "Feeds". The ones I have heard of are in support of medical causes or medical bills for someone and they usually do spaghetti. I guess it is easy to make a lot of spaghetti. 🙂

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