How I started my weekend…

I went to the vet.  I came home Friday and upon looking at Timmie, I knew that I had to go the vets that very day.  Her eye was swelling up and she was doing significant tearing.  If I didn’t take her immediately,  I would either be paying for an emergency vet on Sunday or not getting her to the vet until Tuesday.  I am glad I went immediately because it seems as if the infection is moving to her left eye.  The vet said she looked as if she had an upper respiratory infection.  I started with medicating her right eye.  It seems to be looking a little better this morning but last night, I took it upon myself to start medicating her left eye also.  I hope I have enough medication for two eyes to last the 14 days it is supposed to last.   I also hope this resolves the issue as the vet already lightened my bank account sufficiently last Friday.


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