Laid Off

I walked into my second job to get pulled into the General Manager’s Office.  I had been laid off.  He said it was for financial reasons.  I feel like a failure despite being told it had nothing to do with work performance.  I am also very sad.  It highlights a very sad fact in my work life.  I don’t talk to anyone in my full-time job.  I talk to them in the sense that I discuss whatever work related thing needs to be discussed but rarely any other small talk.  As much as one can consider co-workers friends,  I had found friends at my second job.  I had some women that I could ask opinions, knew bits about their personal life that I inquired after and generally had things to say to them.  And now those ‘friends’ have essentially disappeared without any preparation and hardly a goodbye to any of them.  I am unbelievably sad that what little support system I had is completely gone.  Hmm… that is a sad statement of my life….

So… apparently I now have plenty of time to do things I was thinking I could do if only I wasn’t so tired from working.  I am not sure how much of that I will be able to do as it is possible that money is now an issue.  I suspect we are back to – what we bring in basically equals what we spend.  My second job didn’t bring in a lot of money but it was a small cushion against life’s unexpectedness.   I will have to do a budget and see how careful we have to be.


4 responses to “Laid Off

  1. so sorry to hear you were laid off. it sounds like the emotional loss is just as great as the financial loss. that really sucks. i am sure (and keeping my fingers crossed for) bigger and better things are in your future.

  2. 😦 I am sorry to hear this! Maybe once things get better again (some people are saying later this year?) they will call you back to work?Hugs, Jen

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. It does sound like you’re more sad about the loss of friendship than the job. Anyone that can master their own lotion is bound to land on her feet and find another job is needed.

  4. I’m sorry! I hope everything works out for you in the end. There’s a girl here at work that is leaving (on her own, she’s moving to another state) and we’re crushed! She’s meant so much to us. Do know that your "support system" is missing you just as much!Hugs,~ FC

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