Normal at almost 7?

Update: It appears that Papa did say that he could bring the candy to school.  We have had issues with the kids saying that some other parent had said something when they didn’t so I am always suspicious of being told something that seriously benefits the child.  I will have to apologize to Piero tonight but that doesn’t explain away the million other meltdowns we have on a regular basis.


This morning, Piero told me that he was allowed to eat candy at school and Papa told him that he could bring his candy to school.  I found this very hard to believe and didn’t think it was fair to the other kids to have Piero eating candy.  I told him to leave it at home and he could eat it tonight.   He had a major meltdown right there.  He actually threw himself onto the floor knocking over some of Kylie’s toys and started crying and wailing. I could see this from a 3 or 4 year old but I am having a hard time thinking this is normal of a child that is going to turn 7 in two months.

Temper tantrums are part of our normal household routine.  Ask him to go to bed, brush his teeth, come to the table, restrict his snacking before supper… you see a pattern?  Any time you say No to this child, he starts in on a temper tantrum.  We will often have multiple crying fits every single day.  He doesn’t always go all the way to throwing himself on the floor but there is lots of gnashing of teeth, flailing of arms, telling us we are bad and crying.

Can this seriously be normal?  After more than a year of this ‘normal’ routine, I have quite lost my patience for it all.  Tips on how to cut down on this – without saying “Yes, sir” to his every request is appreciated.


One response to “Normal at almost 7?

  1. Is every adult on board with the program? Does his mother tolerate this behavoir?? YOU ALL HAVE TO DO IT!! if one person isn’t helping to disipline him then it’s not going to work. And when he gets mad and throws a fit, the punishment should be even worse! My daughter pitch a hissy fit in a store over a bag of chips. My hubs and I just walked away and ignored it. When she saw she wasn’t getting any attention, she got up and stopped. She didn’t throw another one either. And she was barely 2.No it’s not normal but some one is falling for the fits.

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