The GPS broke

We always called Kylie our GPS unit.  For a 3 (and now 4) year old she was pretty amazing in terms of knowing where she was even shortly after arriving.  If we went close to where Kelly worked, she would point out that Kelly worked there.  She knew when we drove by the road to our house instead of turning in pretty quickly and knows the way to the library.  Her brother is no where near as adept at knowing where he might be in relationship to another place although he did point out we weren’t going in the right direction the other night to get to his Mom’s place.  It just so happened we needed to go home before they left.

All that is just background for the rather funny thing that happened the other day.  Eduardo wasn’t sure which house was the babysitters but gave me an approximate address and told me to rely on Kylie.  After all, she is our GPS unit.  Piero told me that the house was blue.  So I dropped Piero off at school and went to drop off Kylie.  I found a blue house (actually white with blue trim) at the approximate address that I was given.  I couldn’t see an actual house address for the house but I pulled into their driveway.  I turned around and asked Kylie if this was the house.  She solemnly informed me that was indeed the house.  I knocked once.  I knocked twice.  There was no answer.  I saw the address of the house next door and wondered if that might not be the right house.  I asked Kylie twice if the beige house next door was the right house.  She informed me quite seriously that it was definitely not the right house.

As I was getting ready to call Eduardo and have him describe the house to me, a woman came out of the beige house next door and waved to me.  She was the babysitter.  In the future,  I will make sure I get an address and NOT rely on our GPS unit to guide me there.  She might be amazing for 4 but she is still only 4.


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