Can you really hurt there?

Apparently you can if you hiked for 7 hours on Saturday.  On Saturday,  Piero and I went with some other folks from the church to hike on Old Rag Mountain.  I didn’t think to tell Piero that he had to stay with me and that put the hike off to a bad start.  We started out with another group coincidentally.  That other group went zipping ahead because they were much faster.  Piero has this incredible need to be first so he was practically running to keep up with the head person of the other group and leaving us far, far behind within minutes.  I just about killed myself trying to catch up to the point where I could get my breath and scream at him to stop.  Then I had to repeatedly yell at him to slow down because he was walking by himself at the front and we were losing sight of him.  He was just not into keeping with the group in the beginning.  A couple of hours into the hike, he finally got it into his head that he needed to stick with us.

We hiked with another family that had two little boys, one of which was Piero’s age.  Old Rag Mountain is really quite beautiful so it was a great hike despite the fact that we started and ended the hike in the rain.  Once we got up near the top of Old Rag Mountain, the clouds were floating around us and it was very cool looking.  We couldn’t see for miles due to said clouds but it was very neat to look over the edge and see absolutely NOTHING but grey clouds.  We made it to the false peak but not to the very top.  We ended up getting to a hard spot that was going to be too difficult to get everybody over.  Parts of it was more like climbing over rocks than hiking.  We turned around at that point.  I am rather glad that we did because we would have been hiking for at least another hour on top of what we did if we had of persevered and went to the peak.  Piero did a great job hiking despite being the youngest by a few months.  Just as he sat down and said, ‘I am not going one step further’ a couple members of our group that were just ahead of us started yelling, "I see cars!!!" and he got up and started walking again.  So he basically made the whole hike without complaining.

But OMG… I hurt now!!!


One response to “Can you really hurt there?

  1. Congrats! What fun! It may hurt now but just think of how much stronger you’ll become!Hugs,~ FC

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