Garbage in the National Park

While we were on the hike,  we met some volunteers that were also hiking.  They help people on the hike and pick up garbage.  They showed us the garbage bag of stuff they had picked up.  It was almost entirely water bottles.  I have known for a quite a while that disposable water bottles contribute to landfill garbage but it sure hit home in a way that it didn’t before that water bottle garbage is everywhere.  It made me really happy that Piero and I brought along our stainless steel water bottles.  They are not so expensive that you go into the poor house to buy them but expensive enough that you aren’t about to pitch them when you are getting tired – not that I would do that anyway!  Not only that… the water that went inside of them was free!  My water bottle holds close to a litre of water.  My guess is that my water bottle will pay for itself within about 6 fill-ups.  It is a very quick return on your investment. 

I encourage everyone to look into reusable water containers.  I chose uninsulated stainless steel but do your own research and choose the bottle that meets your needs.  Even if you don’t care about the environment, think about your pocketbook.  It doesn’t take that many fill-ups before your bottle has paid for itself.


One response to “Garbage in the National Park

  1. I don’t like bottled water because it isn’t as fresh and it isn’t tested as frequently. Besides my frugal soul has a hard time paying for what I can get for "free" out of my tap. The thought of people throwing plastic water bottles down on their nature hike makes me so upset, though! Didn’t they enjoy the natural beauty? Didn’t they enjoy the clean pathway and ablity to walk without tripping over other’s garbage? Who do they think cleans up after them? Their mother? Ugh!

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