And Garbage in my house

Since the kids are now at our house at least as much as they are at Kelly’s, the garbage has gone back up to its all time high despite the fact that I am recycling paper and cardboard.  What is it that we are throwing out?

1) Polystyrene take-out containers.  These take up a lot of space and I must get about 3 of these each week from Kelly.  Because Kelly is so busy working two jobs and more than 40 hours a week, she doesn’t have time to cook.  Kelly provides meals for the kids and usually also chooses to cook for Eduardo.   I think she is getting her food from the hotel she works at and all they provide are these types of containers.  So not only have I increased our garbage… I have actually substantially increased the toxicity of it.

2) Food.  It doesn’t seem to matter how little you give to Kylie, she manages to not want her entire meal.  But boy… she sure wants plenty of after dinner food.  This isn’t quite as bad for Piero but he too also manages to not want his entire meal plenty of nights and then STILL wants snacks in the evening.  Last night was a perfect example in which neither of them wanted supper.   In this case, neither of them barely touched it so I put it in the fridge for another night.  And lo and behold they managed to survive the entire evening without needing snacks.  The only way they can get up from the table when they barely touch their dinner is to acknowledge that if they can’t eat supper, there won’t be any other food being offered later – junk or otherwise.  Something I say a lot at our house is, "If you aren’t hungry enough to eat supper, then you are too full to eat anything else".  They often don’t eat all of their snack food either so we are throwing out parts of apples, granola bars and puddings.  Kylie is especially bad for this also.  


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