Mother’s Day

I have to admit that I need to apologize to my Mom.  I almost never called Mom on Mother’s Day.  Her birthday is right before Mother’s Day.  I make a huge effort to call her either the day of or or a day or two in advance.  I knew this year that it would be hard to remember to call her on her birthday so I called her the day before.  I wanted to get the kids to call her on her birthday and sing "Happy Birthday".  I forgot, as I expected, because Tuesday is an incredibly hectic day.

After having experienced my first Mother’s Day this year, I called her.  I am sorry Mom for not realizing how important it was to be remembered on this day.

I slept in because I really felt bad after staying up until 2am to play Scrabble with Eduardo.  It takes 3 to 4 hours to play Scrabble with him because he takes so incredibly long to make each and every move.   All the kids and Eduardo got up before me.  This is VERY unusual.  I am usually the first or maybe the second person up.   Piero made me toasted peanut butter and jam for breakfast which he was very proud of.  There is just one unusual thing about this… there wasn’t actually any peanut butter on it.  Piero and Eduardo also made ‘arroz on leche’ which I love.

Afterwards,  Piero and Eduardo went out to buy Mother’s Day presents for Kelly and I.  Eduardo thought he could buy flowers but Piero had his heart set on buying ‘one of those books that she is always reading’.  He picked a scary book based on the picture on the front.  It wasn’t particularly scary but seems to be a very good paranormal romance.  In fact,  I just finished reading a particularly torrid part of the book.  I think he would be horrified to know that is what he picked out for me.

I also got a very nice Mother’s Day card in which he wrote.  "Thank you for reading to me and Beba and thank you and thank you for helping me with my homework" – and no, that was not a typo.  I just about broke down and cried on the spot.  Later, Eduardo was telling me about the gift picking out.  It was so sweet.  He was first looking for cards that had cats on it because I like cats and picked out a birthday card.  Then he picked out a card for another occasion that had a dog on it because my dog died (yes… about 4 years ago).  According to Eduardo, I almost got the following words on my Mother’s Day card, "I am sorry your dog died."  I laughed then I started crying over his thoughtfulness.  This is the boy that vexes me to no end because he fights me on just about everything.

In all the day to day mess that is our lives, it is hard to remember that they are more than just an obligation.  They really are in my heart.  How easy it is to forget the love when you are dealing with homework and bedtimes and chores and bathtime and all the other things that require hard work and patience.


One response to “Mother’s Day

  1. We both got presents that don’t exactly fit the stereotype for the day, and both of our gifts meant so much more to us for it! It’s the sweet moments like this that show us that we really are getitng through to them. It’s hard to remember that during the power struggles and temper tantrums (Oh Wesley is being TERRIBLE right now!) but in the end it is all worth it. :)Good job, Mom! :)Hugs, Jen

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