The weekend

So we were resigned to having no air conditioning this weekend.  I went home and saw the sign on our door that said that A/C was going to be on!!!! The repair was just a repair of a prior weld job.  I was jumping up and down with excitement.  I turned on the air and left the house to walk to the natural foods store.

On the way back… I saw a little stair that went down into the forested area next to the main road.  Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to walk on a trail than next to 4 lanes of traffic?  Umm… perhaps not?  The trail went down to the little stream and then went along the stream and dead-ended after a few minutes.  Return or continue on?  I decided to continue on.  After fording the stream a few times on rocks to get from one navigable side of the stream to another,  I finally made it to a road – hot, dirty and wet!  It was a bit of an adventure.  From there, I walked through a new park and admired how very nice it was.  I finally got home expecting a cool house and walked into a hot and humid place. *sigh*  I called the emergency number to tell them that our A/C wasnt working and was told to wait until 10am the following morning – the water was simply cooling down. 

10am the next morning, I called PROMPTLY. We had had a miserable night with everybody – kids included – complaining about the heat.  We spent the entire morning/early afternoon on the balconey.  Then the afternoon sun rolls around and we had to vacate it for an 80+ degree condo.  It was absolutely horrible and we were incredibly cranky.  I was close to tears.  The people who take care of the emergency calls were getting completely snippy that we were calling repeatedly (we had been told at 12:30 it was fixed and clearly it was not) and had knocked on doors in the building to find out who didn’t have A/C.  I did get to meet some neighbours!  Finally, Eduardo takes us all to the new park that I had walked through.  It was actually nice outside… FAR FAR nicer than our condo.  We stayed there until the torrential downpour started.  At that point, we ran to the KFC and had supper.   There was no way in hell that I was going back to our apartment to cook something.  Afterwards,  we went back to the park.  We truly had a fun time at the park.

And a pleasant surprise awaited us when we returned to the condo.  AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!  The condo was finally cooler and cool enough by bedtime to actually sleep reasonably well.  Yesterday we were talking about how cranky we were and I think the issue was that we  KNEW we should have A/C and didn’t.  It was one thing to know that A/C was not available and we would just have to deal with the issue.  It was a completely different thing to know that we could have had A/C but didn’t.

On Sunday, I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  What a fantastic movie.  I loved it.  I near fell over at the shock of hearing I was going to either pay 8.50$ for a regular movie or 10.50$ for the Director’s Hall.  The Director’s Hall had stadium seating and reserved seating.   What can I say… for 2 extra dollars I went for the unobstructed view and got a seat right in the middle of the theatre.  If you like the X-Men,  I highly recommend the movie.  I truly enjoyed it although I expected not to enjoy it that much because of some reviews I had read.  

Over the winter,  Eduardo and I kept our heating low.  I did it to save money and he didn’t complain about it too much.   I really don’t think that either one of us is going to be keeping the A/C high to save money this summer.  It has happened Mike,  I like the cool air now.  Maybe not as cool as you like it… but cooler than what I used to like it at.  There will be not sweating our butts challenge this summer.  I want to be comfortable in the summer and sweating it out in an 80 degree house is not my idea of fun.   It seems that 70-72 degrees is the right temperature for us.


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