Dear Mr Heimlich,

Thank you for saving Kylie.  I don’t know if I performed your move properly as I had only ever seen pictures of how to do it but a friend told me that if it worked I must have done it properly.

A grateful parent

At church, the kids picked up a candy.  They were sucking on it while driving home and also as we walked to the house.  Part of the way to the house, Kylie started crying and said something like "me pasa".  I got down to look at her and get her to repeat it but I didn’t understand what she was trying to tell me.   Piero told me what she was trying to say.  She swallowed her candy.  Ok… and the big deal about that was?  For some strange reason I will still looking at her rather than standing up in frustration over the big deal about swallowing her candy prematurely.  She started screaming even louder and pointing at her mouth.  I looked inside and the sun was glinting off a perfectly round candy that was stuck in her throat behind the little dangly thing.   OMG!  I immediately turned to Piero and asked him to run and get Papa.  After a second’s pause in which I said…"Run". he took off to the house.  I leaned Kylie over my knee and started patting her back.  Ok… harder than patting but less than pounding.  I didn’t want to hurt her.   All this accomplished was copious amounts of drooling over the stuff I had dropped next to me.   Ok… NOT WORKING!  Heimlich manuveur? How do you do that exactly?  I had Kylie standing but leaning over and I got behind her.  I put my hands under her chest… I think.  I have no flipping clue at this point where I put them.  I then did a sharp push in.  Was it in and up?  Just in? Just up?  Again… no freaking idea at this point.  Imagine my complete surprise when that single jab resulted in a candy and a bunch of water spilling out onto the ground.   I don’t even know if Kylie was crying through this or not.  I do remember her crying after the candy came out.  This took so little time – although it felt like a freaking eternity – that Piero hadn’t even made it to the front door.   I tried to call him back but it was no use.  He wasn’t listening because he was no intent on doing what I asked him to do.  I finally calmed Kylie down to the point that we could continue walking to the house.  Eduardo came barreling out of the door just after we started walking to the house.

The weirdest thing of all was that Eduardo said absolutely nothing to me about this whole event.  Not a… how are you? How is Kylie? What happened?  Nothing.  When Kylie started crying a bit when she saw him… he said something like "Calm down" and turned away to walk back up the stairs.   I completely don’t understand that.  I tried to talk about it to him a couple of times.  He let me talk about it but didn’t say anything at all in return.   Now, I didn’t expect him to bend over and kiss my feet for my efforts but I guess I expected some kind of comment even if it was just acknowledging how scared I was.

And boy was I scared!  I can’t believe how calm I was under the circumstances.  I hope the calmness wasn’t because of some lack of feeling on my part towards the kids.  I know that I hugged both of them afterwards because I was so happy that they were both there and safe and sound.    


4 responses to “Dear Mr Heimlich,

  1. GREAT JOB! :)What took over was "momma bear" instinct. Everything else left your mind and you were able to do exactly what you needed to in order to save your daughter. Awesome!The only thing I can think about Eduardo is that I guess he didn’t see what happened from the start, only the happy outcome, so maybe he doesn’t realize how serious the situation was.

  2. Good quick thinking on your feet!!! Be happy that you were so quick to help.Hugs,~ FCP.S. I posted.

  3. ((Hugs)) You have no idea how much your support is needed and wanted.Thank you!!!~ FC

  4. Good job!

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