Plastic Trash Challenge

I have decided to take up another blogger’s challenge and look at my plastic trash.  Because I very much need to lose weight, I have decided to put my own spin on the challenge.  Can I lose weight simply by avoiding plastic trash in the food I eat?  I am not going to try to starve myself but use sensible food management practices like eating when I am hungry.  I am going to try to work out like I usually do because I believe that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and something I always want to be in my life – no matter how much I am not into exercising.

The only thing I guess I am changing is removing plastic encased food from my diet.  This is not likely to be complete removal as I still intend on drinking milk and eating cheese but I intend to stay away from processed/convenience foods, candy and junk food.  My first posting is on the Challenge blog


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