Piero can swim!

Piero is now in Level II of swimming.  After just 3 classes of Level I, he managed to make it to Level II.  Eduardo has been helping Piero at the pool with practicing for his classes.  He is able to swim on his back for 30 or 40 feet.  There is a fair bit of flailing involved but he makes steady forward motion.  He is able to swim for shorter distances on his front.  We are very excited about this first step to getting the hated vest off of Piero.  Now that he is taking classes, he absolutely does not want to go in the water with it on.  We have been very firm that he must know how to swim properly before he can go into the pool without his vest when we are not in the pool watching him.

Kylie is also excited about going into the pool without her vest on.  She thinks she is swimming but she really isn’t as I have to hold her to keep her afloat.  The other day I got distracted by Piero saying "Look at me, look at me" so my attention did not stay on Kylie.  She went down the steps and into the pool and dropped like a rock as soon as she let go of the stairs.  Ooops!  Of course, I was just inches from her so grabbed her quickly and nothing bad happened.  The weird thing about it is that she didn’t scream or cry or anything.  She just started reaching for the rail of the stairs.   

The kids are growing up right before our eyes!


One response to “Piero can swim!

  1. YAY PIERO!!!! ~ FC

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