What to do?

I asked Eduardo to discuss the household chores because I felt they were getting out of whack.  This was really brought home to me this weekend when the kids wanted to go to the pool and Eduardo was frustrated that I couldn’t go because I was cooking in the kitchen.  I got to thinking about what Eduardo does around the house and what I do around the house and really is out of whack in my opinion.

Eduardo does his and the kids laundry.  He does the garbage and vacuums.  He also picks up the kids on whatever nights we get them and takes Piero to swimming lessons.

I do the groceries, my laundry, clean up after everyone and supervise the kids cleaning up their stuff, clean the kitchen, do all the dishes, do the cooking for myself during the week and feed everyone else on the weekends, clean the bathroom and pay the bills.  With respect to the kids, I take Kylie to swimming lessons, get them ready for bed most nights, do all the middle of the night stuff and drop them off at the baby sitters whatever mornings that is necessary.

Now Eduardo didn’t say that it was equal but in trying to discuss what it was that we did, he said that all the cooking that I do does not count towards household chores because it is not necessary for me to cook for him and the kids.  When I told him I did this cooking to give the kids nutritional meals he thought that was worth nothing.  He figured ordering out was a better option.   I don’t think we have the budget to order out 3 meals every weekend and I know I certainly don’t want to eat restaurant food every weekend.   I don’t consider that particularly healthy.

Should I really test out this theory that he is ok with me feeding him and the kids trash for 2 days?  I can throw down soup from a can, pork and beans from a can with cut-up hotdogs and frozen pizza.  I think that is better on the budget than ordering out Chinese food (which is what I am sure he is thinking).  But should I do this?  If I don’t have to cook for Eduardo and kids I can do other things that only I like… like eating raw vegetables… that don’t take up as much time.  Or what I do cook would last for more meals because I am not sharing it.

Thoughts?  Too passive-agressive?  Too getting even?  Or am I reacting in an honest manner to the feedback that I am creating too much work for myself?


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