Independence Day

We went out to the festivities at a nearby town.  The kids were happy because they got to go on rides.  We saw a few antique cars.  We investigated some vendors and bought tie-dyed shirts and some crafts for the kids.  Afterward, we walked to Whole Foods to grab a few groceries.

I cooked up some hamburgers and hotdogs with some fresh corn!  After that, the kids watched a movie as they waited for the fireworks.  This year, Kylie watched them with glee right up until the finale.  The finale was a little loud for her but no screaming this year!  Instead,  Piero decided that the fireworks were not for him and he didn’t want to watch them.  He declared them too loud.   He went back to the bedroom to watch a video.  This year was the complete opposite of last year.   I sure enjoyed the fireworks despite what I think were technical difficulties.  Several times, the fireworks had stopped for so long we though that they had finished.  I kid you not… there was at least one 5 minute break in the middle.

And of course… I missed a piece of my body when I was applying sunscreen and that measly two hours (or less) in the sun resulted in a nice little burn.  Not lobster red or anything but still noticeable.


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