Good grief… you have to be kidding me!

We went out to the movies on Sunday to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  Now I have rarely gone out to the movies and the last movie we went out to (just a few days prior) was 5$ for the each of us.  We didn’t buy any beverages or snacks either time.

Ticket prices for 4 for the matinee: 33$
Prices for 2 small coke and a large Bargs: 14.50$
Popcorn: we smuggled in our own popcorn

50$ to go to see a movie which only the kids liked.  It absolutely boggles my mind that we didn’t even buy popcorn and we spent 50$ for a family outing!  In fact, I am totally and completely floored by the price of the drinks which were basically favoured syrup and carbonated water.  I happened to take a sip of the kids Coke and it didn’t taste like any Coke I had ever bought at the store. YUCK!

Apparently, you must be rich in order to head to the movies these days.  I told Eduardo that perhaps we needed to look at places that showed movies after they had already basically left the theatres.  You get to watch a movie for about 2$ or 3$ in a fairly run down theatre well after their first run date but at least they are affordable!!!!


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