Dear Property Manager,

I assure you that I am not the complete idiot that I have just made myself appear to be.  That key did not open my house 3.5 years ago when I bought it. I am positive (ok, now not so positive) that I tested that key in my door and it would not unlock it which is why I have always wondered for this entire time why I was given this key at closing.  But thank you for accidentally trying the mystery key in my door and unlocking it.

That blonde chick in apt #xxx

So I come home from work to let myself in and discover that my key is not working.  I have had a few problems with my key ‘sticking’ and taking a couple of tries to open the door.  No amount of jiggling, wiggling, twisting, turning, pulling or pushing would open the door.  I called Eduardo.  Lets not go into how much he didn’t care about the fact that I was locked out.  That would make this funny story very sad.  I decided that since our Property Manager is a really nice guy and on Tuesdays the office is open past 5pm I would walk down to the office.  He gives me the key that they have previously used to enter our apartment to repair the air conditioning not more than a month ago.  I go back and try the key.  No luck.  The property manager comes on up to the apartment and tries his key.  No luck.  He then takes my keys from me and uses the mystery key.  Voila!! Door opened.  He looks at me strangely as I try to explain that the key never unlocked the door when I moved in so I didn’t think it was a door key.  Honest!  But he does admit that it was rather strange that their key was no longer working.

After all this time I now know what that mystery key is for and feel like a complete idiot!  But see… it pays to be a packrat! or is that just called laziness?  If I hadn’t of just attached the keyring I got at closing to my keys…. I wouldn’t have had the mystery key to unlock the door.


One response to “Dear Property Manager,

  1. That’s just bizarre!

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