Lights… action…

I bought our current TV around 10 years ago.  It has always acted up in terms of sound.  Multiple times, we have had to hook up an external sound system until it recovered its audio.  It didn’t look like it was going to recover its audio this time because it had been out for months and we had to hand adjust the volume on the external master whenever we wanted to adjust the volume.  The composite video inputs broke a few months ago and we had been watching DVDs on our laptop.  The picture had some a nice little pink or green bar running vertically down the sides of the screen.  Clearly…. the TV was was limping along.  Our patience was limping along with it.

Last night, we finally broke down and bought a 32" LCD HDTV.  We already had a 32" old style TV so we felt buying the same size would be fine.  No need to go larger and our budget couldn’t handle it anyways.   Interesting how a 32" rectangle looks so much smaller than a 32" square and Eduardo is mumbling about how we should have gotten a larger TV.  I am already starting to get used to the ‘smaller’ size and its OK for the size of the room that it is in.   It took us all night to make the purchase, bring it home and hook it up.  It looks so brand new! So very now instead of old school technology.  We look like we might actually live in this century.

Anyone want a TV that has no composite video inputs, sound and a wonky tube?  The bonus part is that it weighs about 120 lbs. What?  No takers?  I don’t understand.


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