I received bad news about a friend

I got a phone call the other night to tell me that a good friend of mine was arrested.  He had been a person of interest/suspect a good 7 to 9 months ago in a case but had been told that there was not enough evidence to arrest him.  He thought this whole matter was over and justice had prevailed.  Yesterday, the police came to his house and arrested him for what I assume is the same case.   Today, I was told that he will be in jail, without bond, until his court appearance in about 7 weeks.   He is allowed no phone calls or visitation.

I am in in complete shock.  I was surprised when he became a suspect because, quite frankly, I couldn’t believe that he would be involved in what they were investigating him for.  I still can’t believe it.  The few people I have spoke to (with no details other than the ones provided here) have basically responded back saying that there must be some evidence or he wouldn’t have been arrested.  And every time I hear that being said…. all I can hear is… "he is guilty".  I suppose when I say I can’t believe it, that implies that I too think he is guilty.  Something like this certainly raises doubts in your mind about whether or not you know this person as well as you think you do.  Despite those doubts,  I think he is innocent of these charges.   I hope that justice prevails and he is found innocent.


One response to “I received bad news about a friend

  1. I hope all works out for your friend.Hugs,~ FC

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