Boy… this has been fun

When I woke up on Wednesday, I hurt all over.  I thought nothing of it thinking it was just from the walking/hiking I did the night before.  About an hour after breakfast on Wednesday, I started to get a bit of a stomach ache… then a headache… then more of a stomach ache…. then feeling like I want to throw up.  The next morning we worked on really bad stomach cramps and more of the feeling of throwing up.   In fact, the entire 11+ hours I spent getting from hotel door to my condo door was horrible with really bad stomach cramps that finally morphed into diarrhea.  We have been dealing with fun diarrhea stuff since last night at 6pm.  It shows no sign of stopping and the bathroom has been my best friend over the last 18 hours or so.  

I started out thinking I ate something that didn’t agree with me but it seems to be going on for too long to just pass it off as ‘disagreement’.  Pretty soon I am going home to try to rest because I am exhausted, dehydrated and I hurt.


One response to “Boy… this has been fun

  1. Get well soon dear!Hugs,~ FC

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